Are Coyotes a Danger to Pets?

Coyotes are known to hunt smaller animals for food, most especially Saint Louis animals like rabbits, cats, voles, and mice. If coyotes are given a chance, they can make meals from cats and smaller dogs. Coyote attacks on dogs are very rare but they can hunt down smaller dogs when they are hungry. Coyotes are hybrids of wolves, thus they can hunt most animals and may even attack humans. Missouri coyotes are also known to prey on some small livestock animals as well as poultry. Since they enjoy meats, and few fruits, Coyotes can use their paws, and feet to chase and tear through the flesh of any animal they hunt.

Normally, Saint Louis coyotes do not pose any danger to larger dogs, except if there is a herd of coyotes around. Most regional governments would allow pet owners to harass Missouri coyotes when the wild animals attack them, and the best possible way to protect your pets from the animals is to keep such pets within your yard or garage, with a fence. Secondly, you may use some scare tactics to chase away Missouri coyotes. You must never make attempt to feed a coyote because it will keep coming back for more and when it doesn’t see you; it may prey on your pet.

Coyotes pose serious health risks to Saint Louis pets and farm animals because they can transmit several diseases even without coming in contact with such animals. Ticks can stay on the skin of coyotes for days, weeks and months and can transmit diseases through blood and bites on farm animals, and for this reason coyotes are not expected to roam around farms and private residences. In some instances Missouri coyotes can attack farm animals such as horses, and mules, especially when they are diseased and become aggressive, and such animals may die as a result of injuries sustained from such attacks.

You can also prevent the danger posed by Saint Louis coyotes to pets or farm animals by checking you decks and porches and then closing all gaps around them with the use of wires, and make sure the wires around your farm are hidden at about 18 inches into the ground, to prevent coyotes from digging under such decks and porches. It is important that you try as much as possible to deny coyotes a den near your Missouri farm or private residence, you need to remove dumpsites and garbage where they can find food and make sure you feed your pet indoors.

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